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online childbirth classes

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Online childbirth classes are the perfect alternative for those who cannot attend a conventional childbirth class.

The program is web-based and divided into 8 convenient lessons covering the key topics relating to childbirth. Each class is interactive and includes illustrations, videos and games that you can enjoy at your convenience.

What people are saying

What did you like most about the online childbirth program?

"Ability to work at my own pace."

"Didn't need to try and fit my schedule with the onsite class dates."

"I enjoyed doing the online games, live video clips, quizzes and puzzles."

"My partner was interested and involved in the program."

"I found the workload of the program easy to manage since it allowed me to learn at my own pace."

Here are our childbirth classes by topic:

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  • Class One: Choosing care for you and your baby
  • Class Two: Childbirth Education and Labor Support
  • Class Three: Discomforts of Pregnancy
  • Class Four: Understanding Labor and Delivery
  • Class Five: Labor Guide: Early, Active and Transition
  • Class Six: Postpartum
  • Class Seven: Feeding the Newborn
  • Class Eight: Caring for the Newborn

For more information please call (509) 248-7322.

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