Community Benefits

Our Community. Our Commitment.

Memorial Hospital will always be grounded by our community roots. When its founders planted the seed nearly 60 years ago, it was probably hard to imagine that the hospital would grow into the mighty tree it is today, with branches that extend far and wide.

Meeting the health care needs of our community is essential to our not-for-profit mission. That mission also extends to serving those who cannot afford health care and to supporting programs and services for those in financial need.

Local governance, local decisions for local people. Members of Memorial's Board of Trustees are local people who make decisions that are carefully considered to provide the best possible health care for our community.

Our Role As Not-For-Profit

Unlike health care systems owned by for-profit companies that return profit to stockholders, Memorial is a not-for-profit organization with a charitable purpose. Memorial Hospital was founded in 1950 by a group of local citizens. As a not-for-profit hospital any money remaining after expenses have been paid is reinvested in health care. That money stays in the community to purchase needed medical equipment and support health education and other community health needs.

It's Better For Patients

The community-owned, not-for-profit approach to health care best serves our patients and our communities. For profit hospitals focus mainly on acute care and services that have a "bottom line". Not-for-profit hospitals have a full continuum of services, with many that do not have a positive bottom line.

Our Volunteer Board Of Trustees

The volunteer Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees bases all decisions on the needs of the community. Investor-owned, for-profit health systems have a financial incentive to avoid caring for uninsured and underinsured patients. They have a financial incentive to avoid hard-to-serve populations.

Memorial offers many programs that are costly and generally unprofitable, such as the community cancer registry, diabetes education and various programs for children and families, such as the ABC (After the Baby Comes) Program and YouthWorks.

It's our mission to sustain these much needed services, regardless of how we are reimbursed.

Memorial's Commitment To The Community

What is Community Benefit?

As a not-for-profit, mission driven healthcare organization, Memorial, under our tax exemption status, provides certain community benefits which are a direct benefit to our patients and community. Community benefits are programs and activities that are built upon our belief that improving health will transform Yakima. By promoting health and healing as a response to identified community needs, serving vulnerable populations and building partnerships we strengthen Yakima as a vibrant and healthy place to live, work and raise families. It is more than just treating the sick; it is about creating and supporting healthy families-physically, socially, and economically. Memorial's community benefit include education, charity care, subsidized health services, community health improvement activities and more.

The Community Benefit figures for FY 2012/2013 are being reported in accordance with the IRS Form 990 Schedule H requirement.

Charity Care


Community Health


Subsidized Health Services


Health Professions Education


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