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Lakeview: (509) 574-6050

Address: 1470 N 16th Ave, Yakima, WA Map this address

Memorial: (509) 574-3300

Address: 2800 Tieton Drive, Yakima, WA Map this address

Memorial Occupation Medicine and Speech Therapy: (509) 574-3300

Address: 302 South 10th Avenue Map this address

The goals of Memorial's physical therapy services are:

  • Return those treated to optimal function after injury or illness.
  • Educate patients with regard to prevention of further injuries or conditions.

Memorial offers therapy services at the main hospital campus on Tieton Drive and at Lakeview.

Our services

Memorial Occupation Medicine is a Washington State designated Center of Occupational Health and Education (COHE). Working closely with Labor and Industries, the staff works to improve physical outcomes for patients while reducing the cost for the employers.

Memorial's therapy services department treats patients during their stay in the hospital. Treatment may continue after they have been discharged to aid in their recovery. The department cares for inpatients daily and outpatients Monday though Friday. Our staff can treat a specific patient daily through outpatient care if ordered by their physician.

The therapy staff is a multidisciplinary team focusing on assisting our patients in the attainment of their personal functional goals along with educating patients in regards to prevention of further injury or conditions.

Speech therapists assist patients in improving communication challenges such as difficulty understanding other people, re-developing the ability to speak clearly or at all and literacy-related issues. The speech therapist may also help with difficulties in eating or swallowing.

Our services include:

Physical therapy uses physical agents to help improve function after injury, illness or surgery. Treatment also encompasses improving strength and decreasing pain. Having treated patients in the hospital while they are starting their recovery we continue their treatment after they leave the hospital to continue their convalescence. Key areas are working with neurological/balance, orthopaedic, post surgical, pulmonary and any other injury/illness that's limiting to the patient's function.

Occupational therapy works to improve fine motor control and works on improving cognition to help those under care to better take care of themselves. The department works on self-care issues such as dressing, feeding, bathing and working to help patients integrate back into their environment.

Massage therapy seeks to help decrease stress, muscle tension and pain to make it easier to function in the activities the patient needs to do on a daily basis by improving muscle mobility. Our massage therapists can provide many types of massage ranging from a Swedish relaxation massage to deep tissue work. A doctor's prescription is required for insurance billing.

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