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YouthWorks assists youth in the development of lifelong and community service skills through programs associated with Memorial. YouthWorks is a youth empowerment and community service initiative that engages civic and service-minded young people in a variety of mentoring, volunteering and philanthropy opportunities.


YouthWorks Council

Created in 2007, the YouthWorks Council is a youth empowerment and community service initiative that strives to address the healthcare needs of our community by developing the next generation philanthropists and advocates that will better our future.

What Youth Council Members do:

  • Strive to meet the healthcare needs of children in our community by raising funds, leading community development projects, and assisting in the funding of grants
  • Participate, enrich, and contribute to the crafting of YouthWorks' online presence: by way of new and social media, as well as regularly adding to our blog:
  • Meet regularly, as a council and with committees
  • Learn in-depth about philanthropy through hands-on experiences of grant writing, allocations and observing Memorial Foundation board meeting
  • Interact with students from several grade levels and schools
  • Represent YouthWorks, Memorial Hospital, Children's Village and The Memorial Foundation in the community and at school

Being a YouthWorks Council Member provides an opportunity to:

  • Enhance leadership skills in new ways
  • Gain valuable experience for college and the professional world
  • Learn about community-philanthropy and the healthcare needs of our community
  • Build a network and develop an array of connections - from students at other high schools to business leaders throughout the valley

Who can apply: Any youth attending high school in the Yakima Valley is eligible to apply so long as they have demonstrated an active history of service to their community either through Memorial, Children's Village or another community or school organization.

How to apply: Applications and additional information are available here. Paper versions are available at, and can be returned to, Memorial or The Memorial Foundation.

If you have any questions, please contact Josh Munson via e-mail or at 509-249-5261.

Youth And Hospital Volunteers

The hospital offers more than 50 different volunteer positions. Youth volunteers can serve in a variety of hospital areas and programs to complete their community service requirements while making new friends and gaining hands-on knowledge of the health care services field. Hospital youth volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and available to commit to volunteer a minimum of three months and/or 50 hours. Hospital volunteers are trained in their specific area, either by a trained volunteer or a staff member.

Youth volunteers at Memorial provide almost 5,000 hours of service per year. These students, ages 14 and older, commit to a minimum of 6 months or 100 hours.

Many youth volunteers are considering careers in the health care field and enjoy being part of the daily workings of the hospital.

Youth volunteer opportunities include:

  • Evening/weekend information desk assistant.
  • Clerical help in hospital offices.
  • Children's Village office assistant.
  • Gift Shop merchandise assistant.
  • Wheel chair round-up.
  • Child Care Center assistant.

Youth volunteers make a tremendous difference in our community and the lives of those they help to serve and care for. Apply to be a volunteer here!

Children's Village Mentors And Volunteers

Kids helping other kids is what Memorial's Village Volunteers program is all about. Students 13 years and older mentor kids with special health care needs through Children's Village.

Students 13 years and older can become Village Volunteers through the Parent to Parent program at Children's Village. One 2 one mentors support kids with special healthcare needs in supervised recreational activities, Teen Club and more. Kids on the Block volunteers provide educational puppet presentations to educate children about disability awareness.

High Schools for Hospice

"High Schools for Hospice" is a program developed for high school students who are interested in cultivating meaningful relationships through their volunteer work at Virginia Mason Memorial. The goal for our ground breaking program is to educate, empower, and equip our students with information and experiences related to hospice and the end of life. Educating our youth will undoubtedly make steps in the right direction to combat the negative association surrounding hospice and the final stages of life. "High Schools for Hospice" empowers students to become an inspiration to peers, improve their sense of self-worth, strengthen their leadership skills, improve their people skills, gain a better understanding of citizenship, develop new friendships, and add value to their resumes and experiences needed to become college and career ready. More >>

Please read the attached Cover Letter to obtain more information about the program. You can complete an application by clicking here.

Youth Fundraising

YouthWorks fundraising opportunities are designed to provide young people in the Yakima Valley the chance to use their imaginations, talents and skills to raise funds for local projects supporting children with special health care needs.

Youth fundraising includes a variety of student-organized philanthropic projects that not only raise money and awareness for children with special health care needs, but often enhances school unity and fosters community involvement.

YouthWorks fundraisers include, but are not limited to:

  • Spirit Chains
  • High School Pageants
  • Children's Wellness Month
  • Senior Projects
  • Passion for the Village
Since all funds raised stay local, students see the positive effects of their efforts right here in the Yakima Valley. The YouthWorks Council allocates funds raised to children's healthcare - ranging from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to Children's Village to health outreach programs for Yakima Valley children.

High School Pageants

Contact information

For more information, please call (509) 576-5794.

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